Daniel Okabe’s Faith Radio Update

We great you in the loving and all powerful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your prayers and support for the Faith Radio outreach to millions with the Living Word of GOD – the Good News gospel of Jesus Christ!

We are now in total lock down in Uganda as a result of the increased cases of Covid-19 virus. The president ordered a complete shutdown of business and total lockdown for 14 days which, might go further.

The country has come to a standstill as we try to deal with the government’s response to the coronavirus.

No one is allowed to move on the streets and no vehicles are allowed on the roads.

There is massive police enforcement and those caught on the street are many times beaten, many have been left wounded by the military police who have brutalized anyone not following the martial law.

In a poor country like Uganda where people live on less than a dollar a day, we now have to deal with hunger. Many people go out to fend for their families and with this lockdown people cannot provide bread for their families. Many are likely to die from starvation due to the stay at home law.

Please pray for us, it is different than what you are experiencing in the USA, an enforced lockdown here is disastrous!

Women are sneaking from their homes to go look for food for their children and they are being brutalized by the police because they have broken the law.

It’s not easy to decide between contracting the virus or dying from starvation!

Food supplies for the orphanage has become a major issue. We are using all we have stored to feed these little children, who don’t know what’s going on.

Faith Radio has slowed down our advertising sales, as we are home can’t move anywhere. However, Faith Radio continues to operate daily, bring the eternal hope of  Jesus Christ during these desperate times of fear and despair to millions!

We are also taking this time at Faith Radio to educate the people in regard how to sensitize their communities to protect them from the virus.

Only one person can be at the radio station broadcasting due to social distancing. We pray with the Faith Radio staff every day by group video chat, since we cannot come together for prayer and discussing Faith Radio plans.

We are in a total lockdown here we have to use means of survival appropriately. My wife and I cannot even go to the pharmacy to buy our baby medicines or diapers because we are afraid the military police will beat us up for breaking the law.

The number of thieves have increased, people are desperate because they can’t work and are starving.

Please pray for us we are in need for prayer for the orphanage, the Radio and our safety.

We are praying for our friends in America and the world at large during this pandemic. May God have his way in all of this disruption.

Please pray this will all come to an end very soon!

Thank you for allowing me share our ministry needs – please pray and  do what you can to support us financially at this time of great need.

Prayer Requests  

  • Health for our family and Faith Radio ministry team
  • Support for Faith Radio staff salaries, equipment, repairs and maintenance
  • Provision for Orphanage monthly financial needs
  • Protection for Faith Radio during election year media pressures 

Faith Radio Uganda: “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” (Mark 15:16)

God bless you, 


Managing Director

Faith Radio Uganda


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