Children Need Jesus – Prayer Requests

We pray for God to bless our ministry partners and their families so that they can be used by Jesus to love the children!

The love of Jesus is made real to the children of the orphanage by the provision of a bed, food, medicine, education, clothing & personal living necessities.

Each day of the year – one day at a time! 

10 year old Elizabeth and her brother & sister lost their mother first and then the father also passed away, leaving them in an old collapsing house. One night during a heavy rain, the house collapsed completely while Elizabeth and her siblings were sleeping. The next day they had no home! 

They had nothing, no family and no home. They had to find some way to forge a living and walked to a small trading center near their home. They lived there for two weeks, begging for whatever they could get. A chance to move on came when a truck came to the center buying farm produce. Elizabeth had collected a little money from begging and child labor to pay for a ride. They boarded the truck and arrived at Mbale town where Impact Orphanage is located.

Their new life began very hard in Mbale town because they did not know the local language of the area and did not speak English. But once a child arrives in the streets there are colonies of street children with a tribal leader. So they joined one of the colonies, adopting a new life in a “gang family”. However, within three weeks later they were back alone on the streets, their lives much worse. They were beaten by other street children and all the money they collected was handed daily to the leader of the colony.

Some of our staff, while in town, came across Elizabeth and her siblings. Recognizing right away that they were in trouble our staff members asked them to come to the orphanage and they agreed. Upon arriving at the orphanage they were given food, a shower and were allocated beds in the dormitory. We are needing to put two children per bed when possible. At first they were traumatized and afraid . But as it is with all the children who come to the orphanage, our staff shows them the love of Jesus and counsels them to relieve their fears. The nurse gave them treatment in the clinic and soon after they were feed regularly and got into a class to meet other children and make friends hope and joy entered their little hearts! 

Today Elizabeth and her brother & sister are settled and speak English and love Jesus. We praise God for the opportunity to rescue the perishing little ones that God loves!

Your prayers and support have kept us going during this extremely difficult time. Please help us help the children by giving them hope based on the love of Jesus Christ!

We continue to face many trials: locusts, flash floods, Corona Virus, as well as major increases in food, medicine and supply costs. We need your prayers and continued financial support.

We need special gifts to take care of the nearly 600 children we house at Impact orphanage in partnership with First Love Ministries USA.

Please do not grow weary of supporting this Christ focused ministry of hope and salvation! 

Urgent Prayer Requests:

1. Increased Food Budget +$15,000
2. Medicine & General Supplies +$8,000
3. Lockdown and Flooding to End Soon
4. Transportation System – Roads & Bridges Repaired 
5. Support for Orphanage, Church and Faith Radio Staff +$15,000

Jesus Loves the Little Children and Blesses all those who feed and care for them!

We pray that all who are able will joyfully help at this time!

God bless you all,

Patrick Okabe
Impact Ministries Uganda

·  Preaching the hope of Jesus Christ – in a hopeless world

· Broadcasting to Millions the Good News Gospel through Faith Radio

· Sharing the Love of Jesus with the homeless and needy children

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” (Matthew 25:37-40)

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