Children Need Jesus – Prayer Requests

Pray for food, malaria medicine, toilet paper, soap, clothing, beds, and all the other basic necessities required to care for +550 children!

The current situation in Uganda is all about the combination of floods and the C-19 lockdown that have caused major increases in the cost of everything.

Due to flooding and persistent rains most people have not had a good harvest. Crops have been destroyed before harvest time. Roads are flooded. What you see in photos is not a lake, but flooded roads which can now only be crossed by help of boats.

There is also a surge in malaria infections and our orphanage has not been spared. Our children have fallen sick, some in critical condition. We fumigated the orphanage six months ago but the drug is no longer strong enough to be effective. Additionally, the river is right next to the orphanage and has flooded, providing a breeding place for mosquitoes.

The whole country is now sinking economically due to the extended lockdown. The ordinary people are running out of food. The cost of running the orphanage is now much higher.

So as you pray for us, and we pray for you, the love of Jesus will continue to be made real to the children.

Our partnership in faith, trusting that God is still in control, will provide for you the blessings you need to continue your financial support at this most critical time!

Urgent Prayer Requests:

  1. ncreased Food Budget $15,000
  2. Medicine & General Supplies $12,000
  3. Adjacent Land Parcel $50,000
  4. Lockdown and Flooding to End Soon
  5. Transportation System – Roads & Bridges Repaired
  6. Support for Orphanage, Church and Faith Radio Staff $10,000

Jesus Loves the Little Children and Blesses all those who feed and care for them!

We pray that all those who are able will joyfully give as the Spirit leads!

God bless you all,

Patrick Okabe
Impact Ministries Uganda

·  Preaching the hope of Jesus Christ – in a hopeless world

· Broadcasting to Millions the Good News Gospel through Faith Radio

· Sharing the Love of Jesus with the homeless and needy children

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” (Matthew 25:37-40)

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