Jesus Loves the Little Children of the Orphanage Blesses all Those who Feed and Care for Them!

Greetings from Impact Ministries Uganda.

Our God continues to be faithful as he answers our prayers for all who stand with us in fulfilling the great commission of sharing the love of Jesus Christ!

We want to tell you about little six year old Dorothy. (Seen with a pink plate in the photos above.) We picked her story to show how God has used your gifts of love to save and preserve one of His “little ones” for eternity!

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” (Matthew 25:37-40)

Dorothy, as a new born baby, was abandoned (dumped) at a banana plantation by her teen age mother. Dorothy was then breastfed and raised by another woman in their village who had pity on her. Dorothy, now six has never seen her mother or father. The woman who breastfed and raised her also rejected her, causing her to put off into the streets. She was brought to Impact Orphanage two years ago as a little four year old girl with no family and no hope But today Dorothy is a happy girl with a home and a family who loves her at Impact Orphanage.

Like Dorothy, every child at Impact Orphanage has a touching life story. You must know how important your support is for the love ministry Impact orphanage. Your support is saving and transforming lives through compassion and the powerful love of Jesus Christ.

Meanwhile Uganda has now reached a very dangerous stage of Covid 19 hysteria. Many community infections and deaths are reported daily. We at Impact Orphanage are still safe and we observe the regulations from the ministry of health. But with all the requirements for sanitizers and face masks our budget is now increased and we need more of your support now!

Also the restrictions on traders and food brokers has made food prices much more costly. Please send your special gifts at this time, we need your help to feed and care for the children.

The lakes in Uganda overflowed causing villages to be submerged in water and making roads in passable. The local people now cross from one village to another using boats. Please pray for us!

We made a $5,000 deposit on the adjacent parcel of land and need funds to pay off the balance or we will have to forfeit the deposit. Our application will be shelved by the city council. Recently Mbale Municipal council was elevated to a city. So many administrative changes are taking place. We are afraid the new leaders will come with new terms.  We pray for the provision of the remaining $45,000 to pay off the parcel of land soon.

Please pray for the workers and staff who work every day (24/7) to bring the love and eternal hope of Jesus into the lives of more +550 orphan children.

By the Grace of God and your financial support we will make it through this “Spiritual Storm”!

We are being “pressed on all sides”, but we know that “God’s power is made perfect in our weakness.”

Please take time to pray for us and to consider giving a gift to save this land from transferring into the control of the Muslims.

I know together we can overcome this seemingly impossible situation – for with God all things are possible!

Pray for food, malaria medicine, toilet paper, soap, clothing, beds, and all the other basic necessities required to care for +550 children!

We pray for God to bless your family, health and business so you can joyfully provide for the children at this time of great need!

Urgent Prayer Requests:

  1. Increased Food Budget $15,000
  2. Medicine & General Supplies $12,000
  3. Adjacent Land Parcel $45,000
  4. Lockdown and Flooding to End Soon
  5. Transportation System – Roads & Bridges Repaired
  6. Support for Orphanage, Church and Faith Radio Staff $10,000

Please pray that all those who are able will joyfully give as the Spirit leads!

God bless you all,

Patrick Okabe
Impact Ministries Uganda

·         Preaching the hope of Jesus Christ – in a hopeless world

·         Broadcasting to Millions the Good News Gospel through Faith Radio

·         Sharing the Love of Jesus with the homeless and needy children

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