Children Need Jesus – Prayer Requests

Jesus Loves the Little Children and Blesses all those who feed and care for them!

Greetings from Impact Ministries Uganda.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We do pray for each one of you, our ministry partners in Christ!

First we bring sad news, as one of our local Pastors has died of Covid 19. His wife and children are now in Hospital. Please do pray for GOD to heal them. This last week also one of the men in our church committed suicide after learning that he had HIV. It has been a difficult week for me and members of our church. So much pressure on all sides, including the Muslims trying to take the land parcel that is now part of our orphanage property.  

However, we praise God for the joyful children of the Impact orphanage, and how God is using you and us together to bless the children with the love of Jesus!

This week we bring the story of Gideon, a small 5 year old boy. We don’t know exactly which village he comes from. But Gideon was found by our staff crying by the road side. He apparently was abandoned by fellow street children. Being too young for street life, he was dependent on other children to feed and care for him. Gideon seemed to have gone many days without food and sleeping in the cold on the streets. Once we brought him to the orphanage, he had to be separated from other children until he went through medical tests to ensure that the other children would not be infected. Gideon is healthy and very rapidly catching up with life with all of his new friends at the orphanage.

This miniatry of compassion for the orphan children is a working of the Holy Spirit for all who call on the name of Jesus Chirst!

We serve as God’s change agents, rescuing children from sure destruction to a life of hope in God the loving Father through faith in Jesus Christ.

Those who have grown up in our orphanage need to move on to provide room to other younger children of great need. So we want to create a Skilling Center, to train the youths who have grown up in Impact orphanage. The Skilling Center will teach the practical skills required for the older children to sustain themselves once they leave the orphanage. Such skills will include among others: tailoring, cookery, catering, carpentry etc. Due to the poor start in their formal education these children don’t do very well in higher academics. What they need are practical skills. We need $15,000 to the program by buying tools, equipment and set up workshops. This will be taking place in the basement of Impact Ministries church building and also other space we have created next to Faith Radio building.

However, the most challenging issue we face during Covid 19 time is the rising cost of food and supplies. We struggle to complete the month within budget. Also,  to ensure that the children and staff are safe the government officials require that we have masks and sanitizers at all times. Do continue to remember us in your prayers – for additional funding through our monthly support partners and also for those who can give special gifts!

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” (Matthew 25:37-40)

We are being “pressed on all sides”, but we know that “God’s power is made perfect in our weakness.”

Pray for food, malaria medicine, toilet paper, soap, clothing, beds, and all the other basic necessities required to care for +550 children!

We pray for God to bless your family, health and business – so you can joyfully provide for the children at this time of great need!

Urgent Prayer Requests:

  1. Increased Food Budget $15,000
  2. Medicine & General Supplies $12,000
  3. Adjacent Land Parcel $45,000
  4. Skills Center $15,000
  5. Staff support: Orphanage, Church and Faith Radio: $10,000

May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless you all,

Patrick Okabe
Impact Ministries Uganda

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